vRealize Automation Service Broker and Catalog Management – Part 2

In the previous post we covered how a Cloud Template is released and used as a catalog item. We’ll continue with different policies in the Service Broker.

In Content & Policies tab, click Day 2 Actions Policy. Basically, the policy is used when users are required to run selected actions on the previously-deployed resources. If the policy is not created, so all the users have the right.

Give the policy a name, and select its scope. Scope specifies whether the policy is applied on the whole organization and its projects or specific projects only.

In the Deployment Criteria, like what we had in Approval policies are conditions that can match this policy. here in this example if the cloud template or the catalog item equals with “Windows2016” then the policy is matched.

Select the Enforcement Type as Soft/Hard which prioritize the policies. basically, policies with Hard enforcement take precedence.

In the Role section, you will select those people that the policy is enforced to: Memeber, Administrator.

In the actions select the desired actions than you like to enforce the policy on.

and finally hit the create button to proceed. You can see in the Enforcement part, that the new policy has been appeared.

I hope this’s been informative for you.

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