vRealize Automation 8.X Introduction

vRealize Automation overview

vRealize Automation, a VMware product from vRealize suite acting as the cloud management platform, automates the delivery of virtual machines, applications, and IT services through a secure portal to authorized business users, developers, and administrators with the use of a common service catalogue.

these services can be provisioned from both vSphere infrastructure as well as supported cloud platforms like AWS, Microsft Azure, Google Cloud.

Cloud Assembly

Cloud Assembly is one of the features of vRA and as the name suggests, it is used to connect your public cloud accounts to vRA infrastructure and then you can start provisioning resources from public clouds. Currently it supports the VMware based clouds like VMware on AWS and also native GCP, Azure, and AWS public clouds. See the supported list and more information here.

Service Broker

Another vRA feature offering a self-service catalogue through a user interface which is exposed to users. To some extent, templates imported from content sources are here and are ready to deploy from.

Code Stream

Code Stream is a software offering Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery where application delivery will be rapid and reliable. you can automate the entire DevOps with the use of pipelines, beside the fact that you can still use the existing tools like Git and Jenkins. Code Stream currently supports AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, and vSphere-based clouds.

vRealize Orchestrator

As the name suggests, it is the place where the actual automation occurs. you can create custom workflows for your daily routine tasks as well as complex IT infrastructure tasks.

It was just an overview of the product, in the coming blogposts we’ll dig into more details of vRA and its components. I hope this’s been informative.

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